We are currently led by lead alto saxophonist ,the incomparable Paul Brewer. Paul
boasts one of the best lead sounds in the United States and backs it up with incredible
jazz chops. Paul is also a faculty member at
Scottsdale Community College.

On lead Tenor, the band is privileged to have the Right Reverend Dr. Dave Schimdt,
who's quiet demeanor belies his masterful (read soulful) playing! Dave has worked
tirelessly to build one of the finest college Jazz programs in the country at
Community College.

On Alto II, the band is proud to welcome Mr. Michael Warner to the band. Mike has
been the consummate "sub" for years now and recently passed a rigorous audition
for the chair.

On tenor II, the EDBB boasts one of the finest up-and-coming jazz musicians in the
southwest, Mr.
Steve McCarvel. A two year veteran of the band, Steve is a true student
of jazz, which is displayed in his artful solos.

The sax section is ably anchored by the "Bari Babe", Ms. Therese Kerbey. Therese
has been in the band for over 6 years and is currently pursuing her PhD. in Jazz
Improvisation at Arizona State University.