Billy (I don't have email) Abdo is currently on hiatus, but has thrilled the
hipper members of our audience with burning licks that were most likely
stolen from Carlos Santana. UPDATE: Billy has email!

Jim Nelson has been the heart and soul of the band on drums for about 10
years. Jim has a resume that would take way too much time to list, but
suffice it to say he's played with just about everybody. Jim can also be heard
from time to time performing in the percussion section of the Phoenix
Symphony Orchestra. Remember, I drive the band bus, but Jim drives the
band! Unfortunately, Jim is on hiatus for a while and in his absence, we are
pleased to welcome Steve Fitch to the band. Steve is an accomplished
percussionist, published author and a great asset to the band.

Auggie "The Aug" Mendoza continues as our keyboardist and resident
composer/arranger. Auggie was recently honored by the Musicians Union
Local 586 with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to the
music industry.

elcome back to Mike King, internationally renowned bassist and
co-founder of the mess that is the EDBB.